eCommerce Re-Platforming

We offer complete processing solutions and gateways that integrate with your e-commerce business.

If you’ve been in eCommerce long enough, then chances are you’ve been faced with a need to re-platform. Although it might seem like a daunting task, many online sellers do it right and experience a significant boost in traffic and sales. One aspect that deserves part of your attention is your ability to integrate your existing payments program into the new platform, or if you need to find a new one. Here are some questions every store that is re-platforming should ask:

What payment solutions and gateways does the new platform integrate with?
Will I be forced to use one of their limited integrations and why is that?
If I am able to use a gateway of my choice are my hosting (SaaS) fees adjusted and tied to my payment processing volume?

At Fort Point Payments, we work with just about every payment gateway across the eCommerce industry and we have the answers to all your questions. After working with us, we’ll help to ensure you feel confident with the payments solution you choose and decide to move forward with. We have the ability to professionally set up NMI,, USAePay, PayTrace, Sage, TransLink, Argus, plus about 10 others that are specific to their own processor.

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