We chose to feature Kelly Iverson as November's Fort Point Payments Merchant Spotlight for several reasons. When most merchants new to processing call us to set up an account, we advise them to keep their monthly sales volumes more realistic, as most new business owners tend to think/hope that their first few months of sales will break records. Kelly came to us with realistic numbers and that's what we went with, but neither of us could have predicted what would happen next.

Every other week we would get a call from Kelly telling us that she needed to raise her monthly volume, or raise her max ticket. Of all different types of customer service calls we get on a daily basis, these are the types of challenges that we truly enjoy helping our customers solve. In addition to breaking her own sales records on a weekly basis, we are all in agreement that Kelly is nothing short of an absolute pleasure to work with, as she somehow seems to lift your spirits after speaking with her.

From a modest beginning in the eCommerce world selling wellness items on eBay and Amazon, Kelly Iverson's business quickly benefited from a windfall of sales and she identified the need for her personal website. WWW.LivetobeWell.com was established in July, 2014 and the sales continued to increase; "We started at a $5000 limit with Fort Point in August of this year because we were new. However, the limit was increased quickly because of the volume in sales.

Within 3 months, we had to raise our limit 1,000%. We are currently at a $50,000 limit for October and November. We actually need to raise it a bit more for November..." Kelly's products range from alkaline water filters, hemp based hair and body lotions to natural Cannabadiol, CBD oil - a dietary supplement that may cause multiple health benefits from reducing anxiety to promoting bone health.For more on living well visit LivetobeWell.com.