We are Reviewing Your Information.

We understand the limited options that have been available to CBD merchants. If you don’t have an appropriate payments solution and want to start helping us prepare an application for your business, then please start getting the following documents together.

  • Articles of Incorporation

  • SS-4 or EIN Document

  • 6 Months of Monthly Bank Statements

  • 6 Months of Monthly Processing Statements

  • Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss (if volume over $500k)

  • Driver's License / Passport / Government Issued I.D.

  • Voided Check with DBA or Legal Entity Name (if you don’t have this, then we’ll need a bank letter)

  • Product Inventory Lists

  • Certificates of Analysis for ALL CBD Products / Lab Results

  • Copy of Invoice from Product Suppliers (less than 90 days old)

  • Fulfillment Agreement (if utilizing fulfillment company for products)